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Angelic Encounter

During a time of closest worship in South Africa 2019, and angel of the Lord appeared to me. It stepped into the room carrying the heavy presence of the fear of the Lord. I knew in my heart, that he was carrying a message of instruction for my family and I. I was undone in the presence of Jesus.

I asked Jesus, “What message does Your angel have to tell me?”

And instantly the angel spoke, “I am the angel assigned to Nehemiah to take the measurements of the Jerusalems walls and to reveal the assignment of the Lord for you.”

And instantly I found myself standing in the Heavenly realm looking down into cities. And the angel of the lord took me into the Spiritual realms about different cities of the USA. Taking account of all the repairs that need to be done to the walls of the cities.

As we went in and out, from one place too the next, the weightiness of this responsibility flooded my heart.

And at that moment I heard the cry of the Fathers heart as He said,

“Who will I send, who will go for us?”

The presence of Jesus is very intoxicating and it is easy to say “Yes” to Him when you are under the influence of His presence. I believe it is a grace given to us, marking our “Yes” to Him and making it easier for us to use mans reasoning.

I knew that just like the story of Nehemiah, that there was a cost to this call.

And my response was easy and very simple,

“If it costs me Everything ,

I’ll give you that and more.

Jesus You and my Everything,

It’s you that I adore.”

Being radically, passionately and unwaveringly in Love with Jesus makes it so easy to say “Yes” to Him.

In 2019 my family packed our bags and come back two the States. Leaving everyone we love in South Africa, laying down our very successful ministry on the rubbish dumpsite. Giving away all our belongings. And blindly following Jesus!

Not knowing where He would lead us, step by step following our Friend, our Good Shepherd.

On January 10th, 2024, Rachael and I had the honor of leading worship with over 100 church leaders from different churches around Chicago. Each leader stood shoulder to shoulder, and made a commitment to each other to rebuild the city of Chicago. By the end of worship, every leader was on their knees repenting to one other for judging and critizing each others ministry. Making a declaration to rebuild the city walls of Chicago.

And at that moment, my eyes opened and standing in the middle of the room stood the same angel that I saw five years ago.

He looked at me smiling, and in a moment I felt the love of the Father.

Jesus reminded me of my encounter I had of the floor of my prayer closest in Africa, and I felt the recommissioning to rebuild the city walls.

“For this reason I have called you to Chicagoland and to the midwest, to rebuild the spiritual walls of the churches and cities.”

I am inviting you, to stand shoulder to shoulder with me, to pick up your tools and to rebuild.

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