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Global Mercy Missions is a Christian NPO and ministry based in East London, South Africa, affiliated with Iris Global Ministries. 


Our team leads a small missions base that is located on an old garbage dumb site that our community of 280+ people live on. From the missions base our team is able to reach out to the local people on the rubbish dump, along with other informal settlements and villages. Our heart is not only to provide humanitarian aid and education in the  community, though these two things are very important. We are passionate about so much more than that which is seen with physical eyes.


Our team of missionaries also serve the city of East London through our weekly outreaches and evangelism. We go into the local hospital, ghetto, and red light district to love and serve the people there. We have seen many people set free from sickness, pain and destructive lifestyles. 



Our mandate is to reveal the heart of God to all people we encounter and serve.  

We are simply and completely all about our King, Saviour and Friend, Jesus. We have laid down our lives for one reason, and that is to partner with our heavenly Father to establish His Kingdom on Earth. We are called to the darkness so Jesus' light can shine through us, leading His children closer to Himself. He is the one who calls them home, we get to go along for the ride. What an amazing journey it is, full of joy and wonder!


Our reward is not anything that comes from this world, it is not  the fruit of our ministry or the fame we receive from man. Our Reward is the presence of God, His presence sustains us, it  is our anchor, our hope and joy. What an honour we have to bring his Presence into the places He has called us to. 


Simply, Matthew 25;40. Every one who comes to us, we love as if they are Jesus Himself.                

Meet the Team

All of our team members are self-funded missionaries.


Founders and leaders of Global Mercy Missions, we and our two daughters, Selah Mercy and Shalom Justice, are based in East London South Africa. Our journey together began in Pemba, Mozambique at Harvest missions training school with Iris Global Ministries (Heidi and Rolland Baker). Initially joined through worship ministry, there is no doubt that God had our paths cross divinely! Being from different continents (Rachael from USA, and Josh from South Africa), we know God is responsible for our love story!


Together we have been missionaries in South Africa since 2013 and have also done ministry within the USA, serving as staff at a missions training school in Lake Tahoe, under Steve and Cassandra Soars (Previously Iris). Between us we have loved serving through ministries such as children’s, youth, Homeless, student, women’s, men's, SOZO, worship leading, healing rooms, House of Prayer, Inner Healing, and many more. Though we have both received many teachings and attended ministry schools and Bible universities, Holy Spirit has been our greatest guide and love in our lives. Everything we do is through and with Him. We are honoured that we get to take part in what God is doing on the face of the earth! 

Founders & Leaders

Joshua & Rachael Minter

Originally from New Zealand, Micah is one of the directional voices in the ministry and leads alongside Joshua and Rachael. Her key role is to lead evangelism initiatives throughout the city, pioneering a revival culture. She has done three years of BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) in Redding California and worked as an intern for Chris Overstreet. Micah, our beloved friend, is a radical lover of the presence of God. She is a laid down lover of Jesus, laying down her life for the sake of the simple Gospel. She does not only preach the simple Gospel, she lives the Gospel, demonstrating the power of love through every action and word she speaks. Speaking life over the many cultures and people groups she encounters day by day, she is a gift to our city and this nation.

Micah is a full-time missionary and God meets all her financial needs through individuals partnering with her. Please contact us if you feel lead to partner with the call of God on her life. Partnership means that you get to share the reward of the Gospel message she carries, and oh what a reward it is. 
Follow her on Facebook.com/micah.j.corbett Or partner with her financially through PayPal: paypal.me/MicahMissionsFund

Leader & Head of evangelism 

Micah Corbett


Born and bred in East London, Paul is a full-time missionary with us at Global Mercy Missions. He is also a talented musician and passionate worshipper, who has recently released an instrumental encounter album- which you can find here on: Spotify &  Itunes

Full-time Missionary

Paul Michell

PHOTO-2018-11-26-20-03-08 (1).jpg

Originally from The United Kingdom, Robyn is a full time missionary with us and is apart of our core team of leaders. Robyn carries Jesus love so well to the least of these. From looking after our babies at the base to leading the ministry and our radical team of Missionaries. She embodies Isaiah 61 and brings healing where ever she goes. 


Robyn France

Sherylene works full-time on our base, educating and caring for the 60+ children of Stoney Drift and the uThixo uLungile preschool. 

Missionary Teacher

Sherylene Minter

Daniel Minter serves with us on our missions base. He meets so many of our base's everyday needs and loves the kids so well.


Daniel Minter

Dylan is a full-time missionary serving with global mercy missions. He is a local missionary from East London South Africa. His heart for the people is so beautiful to behold. He is the base oversight, seeing to the needs of the staff and children daily. Because of his ability to speak Xhosa he is able to connect with the people in a very deep and meaningful way. Dylan truly loves and honours all cultures so well.


It is his dream to attend harvest school in Pemba Mozambique in the near future. If you would like to partner with Dylan financially or through prayer please contact us.

Base Overseer

Dylan Weiss

Hanzelle is a part-time missionary serving with us. She is from the beautiful country of South Africa! While she is a qualified doctor, she is also called to a life of missions, serving under her ministry Love Africa Med. Along with serving with us, she serves many communities in and surrounding East London through medical and spiritual care.


She believes in the power of medical attention but she also uses it as a tool to get into peoples hearts and family, praying for them, she sees so many people physically healed. We are so honoured to serve side-by-side with Hanzelle. She attended Harvest school in Pemba Mozambique in 2014. She also partners with Aflame Ministries, outreaching to the people in the Transkei.

Missionary Doctor

Hanzelle Muller


Igor serves as a full time missionary with us. He is a Brazilian that is radical about Jesus, he leads our prayer meeting and helps serve at the missions base. He also has a key role in our Rahabs Hope Ministry. 

We are so honored to have such an amazing man running in our team.  

Full-Time Missionary

Igor Mon


Hayley is an Australian woman that God has blessed us with as a full time missionary. She is full of passion and zeal for the Lord and has brought so much excellence into everything she does. She is a key leader in our Rahabs Hope Ministry, she literally is rescuing people from very dark places. We are so honored to have her as apart of our team. 

Full-time Missionary

Hayley De Reus


Josh plays a key role in our team, both on our base and also as a coach for our soccer team and a school tutor for several boys in our community. He serves self-sacrificially and has a hugely compassionate heart.

Part-Time Missionary & Coach

Joshua Sandler

Andi is attending  BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) in Redding California. Please contact us if you feel lead to support her in this supernatural adventure!




Andi's primary role is to educate and see to the well-being (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc...) of the children of Stoney Drift and at the uThixo uLungile preschool. She is a qualified teacher and studied at Fort Hare University in East London South Africa. While this is Andis primary function at the base, she has her hands in every area of ministry! She is our personal Xhosa instructor, translator, assistant nurse, preacher, counselor, worship leader, prayer leader, cook and baby center mamma. This amazing woman will serve no matter the cost, even if it looks like scrubbing toilets. 


What we love most about Andi is her heart! She carries so much joy and love on her life. She invests her whole heart with each and every child and adult in the community and beyond. It isn’t only about education with Andi: she leads the kids in worship, prayer, prophetic, and soaking to encounter Jesus, Abba God, and Holy Spirit.

Andi is a full-time missionary, and God meets her financial needs through individuals partnering with her. Please contact us if you feel lead to support her. 

Missionary Teacher

Andisiwe Mnyazi


Stephanie is a full time missionary with us, she is one of the teachers at the missions base and she is a leader in our inner healing ministry. She is a hard worker yet she leads from the heart position of sitting at Jesus feet. 

She adds so much to our team and we are honored and blessed to have her apart of our team. 

Full-Time Missionary

Stephanie Warren 


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