uThixo uLungile Pre-School

This is where we love on, educate, feed, and care for
30+ children in our pre-school located in the Stoney Drift squatter camp.

From our preschool we are able to feed the children two meals and a tea time snack daily. We aim to end malnutrition through our nutritious porridge and traditional Xhosa meals. We have a full time missionary principal and teacher serving in the school, laying down her their life for these precious children. We also have an additional Full time missionary teacher who teaches in the 1-3 year old classroom.  We have trained four local Xhosa women from the community to assist in teaching the children, offering them a monthly stipend. We have seen miracles through training these women. Many have been able to get out of detrimental life situation and habits through this job/relationship opportunity.

The kids here know they are loved and valuable. We have been able to graduate over 20 of our children onto primary school over the past 3 years, knowing that they will be the answer for their generation. The amount of identity, courage, revelation of God, and character that they have grown in is massive! The children demonstrate the kingdom of heaven through their worship, with Joy and surrender. We are privileged to equip and guide them into their destinies.

For us, running a pre-school goes far beyond meeting the children’s physical and educational needs. While we do care for the children's physical, medical, emotional, and psychological needs, our heart's desire is to equip these kids with the revelation of Gods heart. Through worship we have seen the hardest of hearts become soft and open up like a flower. We desire to see our kids grow in the revelation of Gods love for them in a sustainable way. We long to look at them 15 years from now and see how they are impacting their generation in a meaningful way. We fully believe that we are feeding, education, loving, counselling, and raising up world changers, those who will lead a whole generation to Jesus. 


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