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Vision for the Midwest 2024

During a time of deep intercession, I found myself crying out for the lost souls of Chicago, Chicagoland, and the Midwest. Suddenly, I heard the voice of the Lord asking me to pray in the Spirit instead of relying on my personal understanding, media influence, or experience.

This led me to understand that God wanted me to ascend into His realm and intercede from His perspective, with His heart for the people of Chicago, Chicagoland, and the Midwest.

My cry changed, and I started asking for God to give me His heart for the people. Suddenly, a gateway of fire appeared in front of me, and a voice called me to come up. Following the call, I saw the Lamb step out of the gateway and stood in front of me. He was accompanied by the gift of Hunger, the Spirit of Revelation, and the Zeal of the Lord.

I realized that the way to the Holy of Holies was through the blood of the Lamb and the gateway of Righteousness. As I stepped through, I found myself standing by the Chicago River at the moment when engineers changed the tides, making it flow into the Mississippi River. This change in direction led to the slow transformation of the land into a dark swamp.

Jesus led me through the swamp, and as we walked, I saw people drowning in the dark waters. This sight filled my heart with compassion and love, and I immediately took action, pulling them out of the water one by one.

There were three types of people that I saved: those covered in grave clothes, those with deferred hope, and those with a rational mind. The body of Christ gathered around the first group and helped remove their grave clothes with love, kindness, and patience. The second group had lost hope and had become bitter, but saving them restored their faith. The third group relied on logic and rationality to understand God, leaving them isolated and drowning in their anger.

As we saved more people, they stood shoulder to shoulder, saving others, and the number of people being saved multiplied dramatically. The tide started to turn, and the swamp turned into fertile soil, making Chicagoland the breadbasket of the Midwest. The influence of Chicagoland spread throughout the Midwest, and the tide of revival turned.

Will you be part of this revival? Carrying the love and compassion of Jesus and His heart to those who are drowning?

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